Environmentally safe detector testing products.


HSI Fire & Safety provides

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Team Safety

Great products + Quicker inspections  = Better team performance 

You need to eliminate inefficiencies everywhere you can.
HSI Fire & Safety provides testing products that accurately
test all devices quickly and very affordably so you save time
and money.
Our line of UL listed Smoke and CO detector testing spray products – SmokeCheck, PurCheck and CoCheck – set the industry standard for ease of use, applications per can and environmental safety in full EPA compliance (no HFC for CFC) – including the new 2016 guidelines.
Used with our equipment kits, devices on high ceilings can easily be tested from the ground allowing much faster and safer testing of all the detectors in a building.

Why waste time or money performing routine testing?


Every second counts. Quicker than competing products, saving you a minute or two per test. Our products activate working alarms on the first try in fraction of a second, so you are spraying (and potentially inhaling) less product.


More tests per can – typically 300 to 400 for SmokeCheck and PurCheck – since it takes less spray to activate the sensor, means better value and lower overall cost. It also means less product to carry with you and less waste.


Knowing that all the detectors are REALLY functioning properly assures public safety. You also want to ensure the safety of your team so quick, easy to use products, avoiding ladders and environmentally safe products are what you need.

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What Our Customers Say

"Our inspectors stated that you don't use as much spray to get a reaction, as with the other brands. Although they are less expensive, you can spray "forever" and it seems to take that long to get a response! Don't waste your money trying to 'save' money."

Y. Blanc

"I was testing smoke detectors in a house prior to selling it. Around here, the local fire department has to provide a certificate saying the detectors work or there is no closing. This is what the Inspector showed-up with to test the system. They do it every day, so I was pleased to have gotten something for testing the detectors on my own that eliminated any last minute surprises."

R.L. Whalen

"This is what the pros use for testing smoke detectors in commercial fire systems. It works great for both ionization (common household) smoke detectors and photoelectric (common commercial and home security system) detectors. Just a 1- or 2- second burst a few feet from the detector is all you need. "

D. Boyle

What Makes Us Different

HSI Fire & Safety’s key products are used internationally by testing professionals. They know the importance of accurately testing all devices quickly and very affordably.
Our detector testing products are all UL listed and have always met U.S. EPA guidelines:
Puts both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors through their paces to ensure that the circuitry, alarm and power is functioning and that they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire.
The only totally non-flammable, environmentally safe photoelectric and ionization smoke detector tester, eliminates the risk of any harmful residue.
HSI’s Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester complies with both the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols and California state requirements. Designed and packaged in a size that prevents any accidents.

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